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Find Gallopade books in classrooms, libraries, bookstores, gift shops, and museums.

Gallopade is an award-winning publisher of more than 15,000 educational products for children and adults! Founded in 1979, Gallopade has spent 40 years building a reputation as a trusted, proven source for products focusing on social studies, with an emphasis on history, geography, and biographies.

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Our Story

Gallopade was founded in 1979 by Author Carole Marsh (pictured above). Today, Gallopade is run by Carole's son and daughter, Mike Longmeyer and Michele Yother. Gallopade publishes educational curriculum and fiction & non-fiction for all age & grade levels + adults. Our books are available in a variety of editions including paper, hardcover & digital. We never know what’s next at Gallopade, but we’d love for you to be part of the “Group”, our international family of friends. Gallopade is located south of Atlanta in Peachtree City, GA. 

Hear the story of how Carole Marsh began her writing journey: 

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