Drawing on a Board


"In Peachtree City, just south of Atlanta, Gallopade has built a family -friendly, diverse firm, who has responded to the needs of schools and teachers. A lot of companies say, “We have an open door.” But at Gallopade we say, “What do you want and need? — We can do that for you.” And we mean it."


— Founder and Author, Carole Marsh

A family-run business, Gallopade has been serving, teachers, parents, and students for more than 40 years.

At Gallopade, the most talented writers, designers, and thought leaders are shaping the future of education.

Gallopade is growing. We're looking for individuals who have a passion for helping students succeed.

Meet Some of Our Team

Greg Farmer

Curriculum Consultant

Gallopade was my favorite curriculum when I was teaching.  It felt like they knew exactly what teachers wanted.  I enjoyed teaching with Gallopade so much that I decided to work here.

Gina Sanchez

Project Manager

Gallopade produces quality K-12 materials and I thoroughly enjoy the people I work with and educating children with our materials nationwide.

Abbi Schelkopf

Marketing Specialist

I enjoy working with the genuine and positive people at Gallopade.

Je'Rhonda Brown

Marketing Designer

I enjoy working at Gallopade because it is a productive environment that encourages learning and constant creativity.

Abhijit Menon

Data Integration Specialist

As someone who recently joined the team at Gallopade, I have felt welcome and comfortable getting on board. The team is very friendly and open to help me in any way they can, which is definitely my favourite part.

Steve Johnson

Product, Training and Systems Design

Having spent the majority of my career working at giant, impersonal corporations, I really appreciate the family-run aspect of Gallopade.