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Advance At Home Weeks 1-5

Gallopade is here to help all summer long! Keep your child engaged in at-home learning with activities, chapter books, and videos posted weekly. Check back each Tuesday for a new lesson!

Week 5: Elections WATCH

Does your vote count? The Electoral College explained - Christina Greer. WATCH VIDEO President of United States Job | Candidates and Responsibility | Kids Academy. WATCH VIDEO

READ The Counterfeit Constitution Mystery

Papa is very patriotic, brags Grant. Mimi says he was a strong constitution, adds Christina. But the Constitution is in jeopardy! Is it lost? Stolen? Fake? Real? And how are they supposed to know? When a volcano blows, where do you go? The other way - unless you're one of the Masters of Disasters!

APPLY Political Parties & Elections Common Core Lessons & Activities

Designed to supplement your Social Studies resources, adding new Common Core rigor, analysis, writing, inference, text-dependent questions, and more into your daily instruction.

America's Amazing Political Parties: Understanding How We Choose, Elect, and Support Our Leaders!

What is a political party? (Is it fun??). What role do political parties play in the United States government? Why do people choose one political party over another? What do America's political parties stand for? You'll find answers to those questions, plus lots of fun activities in America's Amazing Political Parties.

George Washington: Father of Our Country

George Washington is probably our most famous American. He is a real hero of American history. He was handsome and hard-working. He was smart and brave. George was from Virginia. And, oh, yes-he was the first president of the United States!

Week 4: Earth Science WATCH

Structure Of The Earth | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids. WATCH VIDEO Bill Nye the Science Guy S3E4 Rocks & Soil. WATCH VIDEO

The Voracious Volcano Mystery

When a volcano blows, where do you go? The other way - unless you're one of the Masters of Disasters!

APPLY Christina Examines Plant Cells and Animal Cells

Christina will introduce your students to plant, animal, and blood cells, the integumentary and lymphatic systems, homeostasis, reproductive and somatic cells and more.

Habitats – Common Core Lessons & Activities

This book allows you to immediately meet new Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, as well as Literacy and Writing in History/Social Studies.

Rachel Carson: Excellent Ecologist

Rachel Carson was a science pioneer. She was a writer and a scientist. She recognized the dangers pesticide use created for nature.

Week 3: Civil War

The American Civil War Overview | A Civil War overview built for grades 3-6. WATCH VIDEO Abraham Lincoln for Kids | Biography Video. WATCH VIDEO

The Mystery on the Underground Railroad

One secret quilt, two magic johnnycakes, three wishes for good luck, tons of trouble and seconds to escape! The Underground Railroad is not a real train, you know? It's a fascinating period of history and mystery filled with legend and lore.

The Big Civil War Who, What, Where, When, Why Book

The Big Civil War Book uses an innovative approach to learning about historical events during the Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln: America's 16th President

How did he do it? What was he like? What things did he say? How did he live - and how did he die? You'll find all the answers in this fascinating, factual, and, yes, fun! - look at Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president.

Old Abe: Civil War Eagle

Old Abe was an extraordinary eagle. He became a symbol of courage and spirit for Wisconsin's Civil War soldiers. His popularity only increased after the Civil War. Nationwide, Old Abe is remembered as one of the most famous "veterans" of the Civil War!

Week 2: American Symbols WATCH

Symbols of the United States | Facts about the U.S. | Made by Red Cat Reading. WATCH VIDEO 9 Secrets of the Statue of Liberty Most Americans Don't Know. WATCH VIDEO


The Monumental Mystery on the National Mall

Join Mimi, Papa, Avery, Evan, Ella, and Sadie as they visit Washington, D.C., and end up in the middle of a "capital" mystery with bewildering clues, a secret symbol, a couple of cool pools, amazing monuments, and memorials, and... watch out!... some mysterious men are on their trail.

Our Big Cool USA Coloring Book

Fun for all ages, the visuals provide a great backdrop to learn more about our country's history, landmarks, scenic places, symbols, prominent historic characters, and more! Color your way across the USA! Great for home, school, or on the road!

DOWNLOAD FREE ACTIVITIES Order Are you proud to be an American? Show your pride and patriotism by learning more about America! Learn about Liberty! Color the "Lady in the Harbor!" Conquer a monumental task! Write a patriotic poem! Visit the Oval Office! Meet some all-American heroes. Get smart. Have fun!

Betsy Ross Biography Reader

Betsy Ross is near and dear to Americans' hearts. She was the young and talented seamstress believed to have sewn the first American flag. What an honor! She was the woman who sewed up a new nation!

Week 1: Space Science WATCH

In this video, Sabrina talks about the Sun, stars, the universe, and how constellations work. WATCH VIDEO How many planets are in the solar system? How did it form in the Milky Way galaxy? Learn facts about the solar system's genesis, plus its planets, moons, and asteroids. WATCH VIDEO

The Mission Possible Mystery at Space Center Houston

Blast off with Christina and Grant as they try to solve a mystery bigger than the state of Texas! On a trip with Mimi and Papa to Space Center Houston, the kids learn that a valuable moon rock has been stolen! Houston, we have a problem.

Steven Soars into Space Science Science Alliance

Stephen will introduce your students to space science, including the moon phases, solar systems, the sun, stars, and more.

Space Science Common Core Lessons & Activities

Learn space vocabulary, track the moon cycle, and hear what astronauts thought about seeing Earth from space!

Ellen Ochoa Biography Reader

Ellen Ochoa is an amazing woman! She was the first Hispanic American woman to ever travel in space, and she worked very hard to achieve her dream.


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