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Celebrate Juneteenth

When the Emancipation Proclamation was declared on January 1, 1863, stating “that all persons held as slaves” within the Confederacy “are, and henceforward shall be free,” it did not end slavery everywhere in the United States. It only abolished slavery in states still in rebellion against the Union, making it difficult to implement because the Confederacy controlled these states.

It wasn’t until June 19, 1865 — after the conclusion of the Civil War — that the last enslaved people in Texas were freed. Juneteenth is a holiday commemorating this monumental moment and has been celebrated for decades, but it wasn't until 2021 that it became a federal holiday.

Juneteenth represents never giving up the hope that things will change and improve for African Americans. The same hope enslaved people carried with them until they were freed still exists today.

Today, people worldwide gather on June 19 to celebrate this momentous occasion. The country has a long way to go before equality rings true for all, but on this day, we celebrate and bring awareness to this holiday and what it means for African Americans.

Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth

We understand how important it is to celebrate Juneteenth while at the same time continuing to educate ourselves about what the holiday truly means. As the holiday gains more recognition, the number of global events and celebrations continues to expand. We've researched and found some of the most significant events you might want to participate in, so mark your calendars!

Atlanta Parade & Music Festival

Our first stop on the Juneteenth celebration trail is in Atlanta, Georgia, for the Juneteenth Parade & Music Festival. It's one of the best places to learn more about African American culture and indulge in tasty dishes while swaying to the rhythmic beats of marching bands participating in the parade.

If you're a vendor or wish to volunteer, there are places on the website to sign up before the event.

Opal’s Walk for Freedom

Finding time to go outside and enjoy the fresh air with others who understand the day's significance is another way to celebrate this year. If you're in Fort Worth, Texas, take some time to join Grandma Opal on her walk for freedom.

It's an annual 2.5-mile walk that Opal and many others walk in hopes that they can educate people about Juneteenth's historical and cultural significance.

Juneteenth Lecture

If you’re unable to partake in an out-of-state event, you can still attend one without needing to leave the comfort of your home!

Join Queen Quet as she gives an insightful and informative lecture about Juneteenth and what it means to those of Gullah/Geechee descent to own land and build a generational legacy. The museum where Queen Quet will speak also will host a family day during June, allowing families and their children to enter for free.

Guided Juneteenth Tours

The last way to celebrate in June would be to take a guided tour of Galveston, Texas. There's nothing better than immersing yourself in the area's history and learning more about the freedom given to the remaining enslaved people on June 19, 1865.

Juneteenth is a holiday that should always be remembered. We've provided some key ways to celebrate and hope you take advantage of the resources at your fingertips.

We want you to take advantage of helpful information and tips like what you've found above. Stay tuned for more exciting Gallopade blogs with useful information and resources for your reading pleasure!


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