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Easy Steps for Starting a Virtual Mystery Club

Easy Steps for Starting a Virtual Mystery Club

1. Choose a Carole Marsh book! The book should be age-appropriate for all members of your club and agreed upon by the members. Gallopade offers books in paperback for easy reading wherever you go and eBooks for your phone or tablet. Also available in sets of six.

2. Invite friends to join in on the fun! The club members should be at similar reading levels. Most Carole Marsh Mysteries fall between grades four and eight.

3. Schedule club meetings! Come up with a time to meet online via Zoom or Google and get together once a week.

4. Read. Discuss. Solve Mysteries!

5. Finish the book and choose another! With over 200 mysteries available, the adventures are endless.

Keep virtual book club members excited! A successful virtual book club has active members. Here are a few ways to keep your mystery club members engaged during weekly meetings.

  • Give each club member a chance to talk about their findings and ask questions.

  • Take advantage of Carole Marsh Mystery Club's online resources like reading guides, questions, and discussion helpers.

  • Popcorn read at the end of the call to get the readers started on the chapters for next week.


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