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Halloween Party Ideas for Teachers

Anytime there's a reason to have a party at school, why not? Halloween and other holidays are the perfect time to bring your creativity to life and put a unique spin on the party you throw for your students.

We’ve taken the time to create a list of party ideas to help you and your students make most of the spooky season. Don't get scared now; trust us, you'll want to keep your eyes open for all this blog's scary scenes.

Spooky Carnival

Who doesn't enjoy going to the carnival and playing games? If this sounds like something your students will enjoy, your Halloween party's theme should be a spooky carnival. Task every student with dressing up for the occasion and preparing themselves for a day of playing games and winning prizes.

One of the games you could have students play during the carnival is pumpkin bowling. All you've got to do is take empty soda liter bottles and fill them with some beads to keep them upright, then wrap them in orange paper to make them appear to be pumpkins.

You can also make the bowling pins ghosts instead of pumpkins.

Then, find an orange ball resembling a pumpkin for students to knock down the pins. Or you could apply the same idea and have students attempt to throw Halloween-colored rings onto each bottle for a prize.

House of Spectacular Horrors

If your students are younger, the chances of them being tactile learners is higher; therefore, you might want to bring this element into the party planning process. Instead of setting up the party to scare your young students, let them play games where they guess what they're touching or dig for specific items.

For example, create a classroom Halloween scavenger hunt where students work together and travel throughout the classroom looking for things. They might have to dig through a sandy box to find a bone with a picture about where to find their next clue.

At the end of the scavenger hunt, each team gets a prize, and you can settle in to enjoy tasty treats and a favorite Halloween movie until it's time for students to go home.

Halloween Party Cook-Off

If you're a home ec teacher, chances are the basis of the program is to have students cook something to earn their class credit. When the idea of a Halloween party rolls around, it's safe to say there are tons of things you can have students cook to get them into the holiday spirit.

Let students know that on the day of your Halloween party, they will participate in a Halloween cookoff. They will work with their group in the week leading up to the party to determine what they're going to cook and submit their list to you to ensure all the necessary supplies have been picked up. On the day of the party, the students will begin the cookoff and submit their dishes to the front of the class for everyone to enjoy.

Some items they could cook and decorate include:

  • Spider cupcakes

  • Ghoulishly delicious cookies

  • Candy corn Rice Krispies

  • Boo bites (shortbread cookies)

  • Spooktacular pizza bites

These are just a few ideas that your students will enjoy cooking and eating. The bottom line is that when planning a Halloween party, it's essential to look at things from different angles and think about what will make your students most excited to participate.

While some students might enjoy hands-on activities, others are okay with indulging in treats and watching movies. Are you ready to check out some more tips and ideas for educators? Visit the Gallopade blog regularly for more inspiration-filled posts.


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