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Independence Day Ideas for Families

Grab the streamers and sparkles because it's Independence Day! What better way to celebrate this great country than for you and your family to try something new this year?

Come on, people, we're talking about the red, white, and blue here – which means whatever you choose to do on that day has to be epic! Summer is here, and before it's time to heat up the grill, you need to know how to celebrate July 4th in style.

Continue reading to find out different ways to celebrate the day of America's independence.

Jump In, Jump Out, Let's Splash About!

Now that the temperature is heating up, there's no better way to spend Independence Day than outside, enjoying the warm weather and sometimes splashing around in the pool or sprinkler. Yes, indeed, you don't have to go to a water park to have the time of your life.

All you need is a sprinkler and a swimsuit. But if you do have a pool, don't forget to get some pool toys that everyone can enjoy while you're flipping hamburgers and hotdogs.

Host a Movie Night

Of course, if you don't enjoy hosting a BBQ, you can do tons of other things in honor of Independence Day. Before you kick things off, gather a series of movies that you can show on the big screen.

This shouldn't just be any type of movie night, so go the extra mile and make it a themed night. There are tons of snacks you can make for everyone to eat that can be red, white, or blue. As you're planning the movie night, ensure you've got comfortable seating for everyone.

Not sure what movies to show during movie night? Here's a list of the top patriotic movies that your family won't want to pass up.

Play Games

Spending time together as a family is important, and playing games is a great way to do so. Is your family into team games or scavenger hunts?

The beauty of playing games with your family is that there are so many games that the options are endless. You could go with a game your family is familiar with and has played before.

Or you could choose something new and exciting; after all, now is the time to switch things up. Find games that you can play outside, but you can always take things inside if the weather isn't going your way.

Go On a Picnic & Watch the Fireworks

It's a given that during the Fourth of July, the way to end the night is by lighting sparklers and watching fireworks. Sometimes waiting for fireworks feels like forever, and your little ones might lose interest. Plan to pack a picnic of all your favorite snacks and foods to chew on while you’re waiting. Think carefully about the foods you pack, and take some time to check the fireworks schedule in your area.

We'd love to stay and count the different ways for your family to celebrate Independence Day, but at Gallopade, we care about family, which means we're out of here to celebrate with our own families!

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