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May The Fourth Be With You

In the face of darthness, it’s time for every child to channel their inner Skywalker and use their creative powers for good.

But, you might be wondering how to keep the evil forces at bay?

The only thing you can do is help your young Jedi harness their creative force, but how does this work?

Encourage Them & Experiment

Don’t be afraid to encourage your children to embrace the idea of spontaneity. Our greatest moments of creativity happen when we aren’t trying to be creative, which means letting things happen and seeing where it takes you. Even if things don’t work out, at least your children gave it a try. As one of the most famous Jedi Masters (Yoda) in history says, “The greatest teacher, failure is.”

Speaking of Yoda, we’re sure he’d agree with us when we say another great way to foster creativity would be to give your child the freedom to experiment. By experimenting, you give your child the time to learn different ways to express themselves and truly master their galactic destiny.

Is your child into having the ultimate standoff between Skywalker and Darth Vader? If so, grab your lightsabers and prepare for the challenge. Perhaps your child is better skilled at games of strategy like playing cards. The bottom line is there are tons of activities out there for your child that even Chewbacca would try!

Respect Your Child’s Needs

Believe you, Shmi, it can be challenging to sit back and just watch your child—especially if you want to steer them in the direction of the core worlds—but the only true way for your child to get their creativity flowing is if you respect their imaginative needs. While you might not understand why your child is using a box as their dewback trooper, in their minds, they’re marching through the desert on the way to save the Empire.

Ensure that you give them the resources they need to spark their imagination and allow them to choose what they want to use to ward off the evils of the clone commandos. Show some creativity and create a Yoda paper bag puppet you could, oversee the choosing of resources he can.

Yoda never acts without thinking first, and he might be able to help steer your Luke or Leia in the right direction. Yoda knew that the mind of a child was truly the most wonderful thing there is, and it’s your job as a parent to nurture their minds and help them to grow.

Set the Example

“All mentors have a way of seeing more of our faults than we would like. It’s the only way we grow.”- Padme Amidala

The best way for your children to learn to harness the Force within is to have someone set an example for them. That’s where you come in. If your children want to Ewok the line, the greatest way to help them express their creativity is to show them what creativity looks like.

Don’t be afraid to look silly to others; instead, focus on how the example you set makes your little Jedis feel and react. Before you know it, your kids will begin to embrace their own ideas of creativity and invite you to participate in their chosen activities with them.

Against our galactic judgment, it's time for us to go, but we don’t want you to miss out on all the fun we have within Gallopade. Don’t forget to follow our socials and check out the others' blogs we’ve got jam-packed with our own Force-bond.

Feel the Force!


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