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Young readers can join the Gallopade Summer Reading Extravaganza where they can participate in a 4-book summer reading experience, join bi-weekly live readings, complete fun activities, and win some cool prizes. And guess what? Midway through the Extravaganza, we'll be hosting a LIVE Q&A with Author Carole Marsh!


**Fun for kids ages 8-14**



ORDER Your Extravaganza Book Set


We've selected 4 best-selling mystery books by Author Carole Marsh.

Order the discounted set on for only $23.99!


(Already own one or more of the books? That's ok! Please message us at and we'll give you a discount code to purchase the other titles.)

Mark your calendar for LIVE READINGS!
 Carole Marsh Mystery Club president, Abbi, will be going LIVE every 2 weeks and reading the first few chapters of each book. Be sure to check your email for a link to join the kickoff of each book!


Book 1

The Mystery at Dolphin Cove

Live Reading June 15th

When dolphins start disappearing all along the coast, the kids are determined to find the culprit! Clever clues lead the kids on a wet and wild adventure full of science, high-tech gear, and LOTS of fun. Take a dive into this mystery, and you'll be hooked!

Book 2

The Mystery at Hilton Head Island

Live Reading June 29th

As usual, things are not quite what they seem! Get ready for twists and turns, red herrings, lots of clues, and a convoluted chase or two. The crew discovers Harbour Town Lighthouse which might be haunted, end up in the middle of a Plaid Attack, befriend a Marsh Tacky, and go on a scavenger hunt of clues to solve a mystery by the light of the full moon!


Book 3

The Mystery in the Amazon Rainforest (South America)

Live Reading July 13th

Grant and Christina have a new friend named Sam. One day Sam reads a book about the famous Amazon River and rainforest and soon everyone is off with Mimi and Papa on the Mystery Girl airplane to a great adventure! Well, that is, if you like sizable snakes, swinging from vines, and getting lost. Whew!

Book 4

The Mystery in Hawaii:

The 50th State

Live Reading July 27th

Christina, Grant, Mimi and Papa head for Hawaii in search of paradise and find five islands' worth of mystery, history, lava legends, voracious volcanoes, World War II wonder, BIG waves, and more!

31 MYPHAW CI-3D.png

Get ready to solve mysteries!  
Follow our reading pace or your own pace! Don't worry if you can't start Book 1 on June 15th. Your Welcome Kit will include a calendar to track your reading. LIVE readings will remain posted and available for registrants throughout the Summer Reading Extravaganza.


A Special Treat:

Q&A with Author Carole Marsh


Friday, July 16, 2021

2pm ET

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