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5 Eco-Friendly Activities Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with these 5 Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is next month, and the world needs your help! There are countless ways to learn about protecting and preserving the planet. Recycling, planting a garden, and practicing mindfulness are just a few ways to impact students at a young age and set them up to be environmentally conscious human beings. Here are some eco-friendly activities students can do to celebrate Earth Day 2021.

1. Explore National Parks - Learn about faraway places right from the classroom with the Gallopade National Park collection, including the National Park Coloring Book, I’m Reading About Yellowstone National Park (Grades K-3), The Mystery on the Grand Canyon (Grades 6-8), and more. Learning about National Parks will inspire young readers to keep these monumental wonders beautiful.

2. Nature Scavenger Hunt - Take your students on a scavenger hunt around school grounds! Let them enjoy nature and draw or take pictures of all the cool things they find outside. Bugs, flowers, and rocks can all be fascinating for children on a mission. This task will allow them to appreciate nature all around them.

3. School Yard Cleanup - Grab some gloves and garbage bags and beautify the school. Teach your young ones the importance of preserving the earth and recycling. They may even find cool treasures they want to keep. Use pages from the Science Alliance: Natural Resources + Conservation book to emphasize the importance of environmentalism.

4. Make a Bird Feeder - Invite students to use materials from around their own house to construct a bird feeder. Paper towel tubes, pinecones, milk cartons, and popsicle sticks make for excellent building materials.

5. Practice Yoga - Simply taking time to appreciate nature can impact your students in immeasurable ways. Instruct students to stand barefoot in the grass and follow simple breathing and mindfulness exercises to become one with nature. Spend some time in silence and listen to the different sounds of the world, such as birds chirping, wind breeze blowing, and leaves rustling.


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