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Back to School Tips for Parents

It’s that time of year again for your children, which means things are about to get a little bit chaotic, but they don’t have to be. Here at Gallopade, we understand that going back to school can be an adventure that you and your child(ren) look forward to.

Of course, the only way to accomplish this is with a little extra help from people with the tips and tricks you need on your side. Get ready to tackle this school year like the pro you are!

Get Into the Swing of Things Early

During the summer, it’s the time to go to bed late and sleep until noon. While these summer habits are great at the beginning of summer, continuing until the very start of school can make things challenging.

As the school year draws closer, start taking the steps needed to get your child(ren) back on schedule. Let them know it’s time to start adhering to going to bed earlier and getting up early in the morning. We understand you’re going to hear a few (a lot) of moans and groans, but it’ll pay off — you’ll see!

We recommend implementing the new sleeping schedule about two weeks before the school year starts back up. Your kids will thank you later for helping them, even when they didn’t know they needed it.

Don’t Go BTS Shopping Late

All your trips and adventures this summer might have caused you to forget to go BTS shopping early. But, we’re here to prepare you for this upcoming school year and fill you in on a little-known secret.

If you want to be successful at BTS shopping, ensure you go as early as possible. Pick a date, gather the school lists, and browse the aisle for school supplies. The reason to go earlier in the summer is that if you wait to go too late, there may be nothing left.

Also, if you can’t find your child’s school supply list, there’s no need to panic, as most lists are kept in the store right before you enter the school supply section. Remember that this list is usually general to the school, but if you want a more specific list, you can contact your child’s school.

If you want to go the extra mile, let your child play a huge part in the school supplies they get. Let them choose, and watch how excited they become over all the options while shopping. Kids sometimes need a gentle nudge to express themselves and let their personality shine through — letting them choose their supplies is a great way for them to put their personal stamp on a new school year.

Not only will this help them build confidence when making decisions, but it also means you reduce the chances of hearing tons of complaints during your shopping trip. They’ll be excited about the school year and have a chance to show their own personal style!

Connect With Other Parents

Do your children have friends going to the same schools as them? If so, connect with their parents and find out if there’s a way you can make going to school a fun experience for all your children.

For example, if your children walk to school, one way to make things easier is to have your children walk to school together. Not only does this make getting up and ready for school something for your child to look forward to, but it also makes it safer for children that walk to school versus them walking alone.

A breakfast group once a month or every other week is a great way to start the day with your children's friends and their parents. The students can talk about their day, go over homework, or get each other excited about the day ahead, and parents have the opportunity to discuss school, work, parenting — or just enjoy the company over a cup of coffee.

Another reason to connect with other parents is to share some of the frustrations of returning to school, and you can work out a pickup schedule. For example, if one parent has to work late or has an appointment that runs longer than it should, they can contact you and know that their child won’t be left after school with no one to watch them. Consider creating carpool groups within your neighborhood or with your children’s friends' parents, especially if they have similar after-school sports and activities schedules. Most importantly, be sure to let your school know who is approved to pick-up your student at the beginning of the school year and keep them notified any time that changes.

Communicate Openly

Twenty percent of children face some form of bullying in school. Unfortunately, while this is such a widespread problem, it doesn’t change the fact that parents can easily miss the signs that their child is being bullied. To ensure you stay in the loop about the things that happen to your child, learn to communicate with them.

One thing to remember when opening the lines of communication is not to pass judgment. Let them know that no matter what they have to tell you, while there are things you might not understand, you’ll always be there for them to help and guide them. We were all their age once, so try to put yourself in their shoes and to understand (and remember) those big feelings!

We understand you’ve got lots of planning to do for Back to School, not to mention all the sales that are coming your way — so use this advice and make a plan for a fantastic school year! Don’t forget to check our blog for more tips, ideas, and activities for parents throughout the year, and don’t miss out on our weekly back-to-school sales this August with lots of deals for you and your student(s)!


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