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Halloween Ideas for Parents

What better way to spend the spooky season than to scare up some fun activities for your family? Whether you have older or younger children, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Are you trying to level-up this Halloween season? If so, we’re here to help, and you will love what we’ve come up with. Read on now and get ready to get scary with the fam.

Dress Up for a Scarefest

There’s nothing better than finding family costumes that are perfect for Halloween. When trying to find a family costume, think of something your children love and characters you don’t mind dressing up in.

Do your children like the Incredibles? If so, are you ready to dress up as Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible? Or perhaps your children are the next generation of Power Rangers…can you take being in the yellow ranger costume for a couple of hours?

Whatever you dress up as, don’t forget to take pictures because if there aren’t any pictures, did it even happen? Now that you’ve gotten dressed to impress, it’s time to start planning activity ideas that you and your family can try out this year.

Corn Maze

Do your children love using their brains to solve a puzzle? There’s nothing better than trying to get out of a corn maze. The best thing about a corn maze is that you don’t have to go far, as most towns and cities host a variety of them during the Halloween season.

Depending on the age of your children, make sure you go early and give yourself enough time and daylight to solve the maze. If things work out, you could even do a team challenge. For example, you’ll split up and see who can get through the maze first for a prize!

Haunted House Fun

You should’ve known that haunted houses would be on this list because they are a Halloween staple. Remember, haunted houses are best for older children because they’re better equipped to handle all the scary elements that go into them.

If this sounds like something your family wants to do, pick a place that offers more than just the haunted house. Some places offer a carnival-type set up so that you and your family can do a variety of other things before you reach the haunted house.

Lantern Making

Take pumpkin carvings to the next level and turn them into lanterns. Go to the pumpkin patch or store and gather your selection of pumpkins. Then select a day to carve the pumpkins together as a family.

Once you’ve carved the pumpkins, choose the lights you want and make the pumpkin lanterns. You could use yellow lights, or you could go for a more ghoulish feel and insert lights that are green, orange, or red! There’s nothing better than spending time with your family doing something you enjoy.

After you create the lanterns, you could try making some sweet treats to enjoy while watching a scary movie. The Halloween season comes and goes, but one thing that remains the same is the ideas Gallopade wants to share with parents like you on our blog.


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