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NEW Gallopade Supplemental Lists for Curriculum States

We are happy to share our new Gallopade supplemental collections! Each grade in our curriculum states now has a full list of supplemental products made in coordination with state standards. Supplement Gallopade Curriculum with these state and grade-level specific supplemental materials for a comprehensive classroom collection.

“As a leader in the production of social studies curriculum, supplementary educational materials, and children’s books, we know how important and how time-consuming it can be to find supplemental materials that coincide with state standards. We know how busy you are, and saving your time is valuable, so this new launch of supplemental collections is our best effort to save you time in the classroom and promote student success,” says Gallopade President Mike Longmeyer.

We sifted through all of our available supplemental merchandise to provide you with lists of hand-picked products to enhance your lessons. By including biographies, common core booklets, DBQ, and Primary Sources, we hope to provide you with ample resources that will make this year a breeze. Each of the product types listed includes activities, prompts, and otherwise engaging elements to ensure sparked interest in the classroom.

Learn more about this new feature on under “Curriculum” and “Shop Supplemental,” OR click your curriculum state below!


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